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This is not a very nice topic, but I desperately need prayer. Please pray for healing. I have been having intense stomach and bowel issues for a very long time now...close to a year. I'm extremely bloated and very, very uncomfortable. I also have pain under my right rib because of the bloating. I have a really hard time eating because when I eat, I get even more bloated and way more uncomfortable, especially when I'm sitting. I'm constantly constipated because of the pain meds I have to take for my arthritis. The doctor also said that my colon is all wonky. He said that a normal colon has a nice S-bend...mine is all over the place and has several S-bends and they are mis-shapen. Because I can't eat, I'm loosing weight. I'm now down to 102 pounds...that's the lowest weight I've been since I was a child. Although I'm loosing weight, I'm so bloated that I'm wearing clothes that I was wearing when I weighed 12-14 pounds more. I have tried to switch the pain meds (to pain meds that won't cause constipation) several times now but I always get an adverse reaction. I'm starting another new one tomorrow (Monday June 14th), so please pray that these will be ok and won't cause any issues. The doctor said that he could operate but doesn't recommend it because he would have to take a large piece out of my colon and even with that, there is a slim chance that things will change. So, I've changed my diet to add more root vegetables and going by the doctor's recommendation, I'm taking double doses of restorelax daily...and as I said, we are trying this new med. Please pray for healing, that I will be able to eat properly and that I won't be constipated anymore, for the bloating and discomfort to go away and for the new pain meds to work. Thank you so much...your prayers are appreciated more than words can say.

Received: July 13, 2021

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