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We believe that God hears and responds when we pray. No matter what you may be facing, you don’t need to go through it alone. You can post your request with your name, anonymously, or restricted to our internal prayer team, in which case it will not be publish on this prayer wall.


You may add your prayer request to our prayer wall using the form below. Once your prayer request is received, we will share it according to your instructions. Feel free to submit as many prayer requests as you like!

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Prayed for 3 times.

Brian & Eloise Virag

For grace to go through cancer treatments and be totally healed. Supernatural strength for Eloise and myself , and the joy of the Lord.

Received: April 29, 2023

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Prayed for 2 times.


I have been struggling with tinnitus (constant ringing) in my left ear since about mid February. I know prayer works and God can do anything and everything, so I would ask, can you please pray?

Thank you so much, in advance.

Received: April 12, 2023

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Prayed for 3 times.


Please pray that I am able to focus on "just doing the next thing" and not being anxious about the future. I know that no matter what is in the future, God has good for me, and I am just trusting and obeying moment by moment. It has been a struggle with outside people and factors trying to control things with no concern of the turmoil it is causing within our home.

My husband left our home with our daughter (biologically his) on boxing day. I have heard the Lord tell me a number of things and I am obeying, but it is very hard on my heart and even though the Lord has been sustaining me, He has put it on my heart to reach out for prayer.

My husband and I have been out and talking together, and we both recognize that we love one another as God would have us, and that God is still very much leading us in the restoration of our marriage.

There are many factors that come into play in what this will look like, and it will be a slow process due to how things were when we separated and with 3 of my biological children involved and 2 of his biological children.

The Lord will move us the way He wants, as we continue to trust and obey Him, and not let ourselves or our own emotions take a higher place than what God says.

My husband has spoken about selling our home, as he would like money from it, even while we are working on us under God, as my husband doesn't think we will live together again until our oldest children are all out on their own.

Please pray God's will be done and that we see clearly what He says and how He wants us to move. That we put "selves" aside to obey Him.

Both of us have relationships (individually) with Jesus, but have not had good examples of relationships from our parents, and both have opposite ways of communicating, but have similarities in other areas and a deep love for our Lord.

However God leads you, can you please pray over us.

I know God is working while I wait and trust and obey, and I know He has good ahead, and He gives good in our "now" moments, but when many are praying we are sharing His love.

I do struggle asking for anything, even prayers, but the Lord has put it on my heart.

I thank you for your prayers and love, in advance, and I pray God blesses you in the areas of your life that you may be struggling with now.

In Jesus name.

Received: April 12, 2023

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Prayed for 1 time.

Ken Mckee

I pray that more people view and pray on this prayer wall

Received: March 14, 2023

I prayed for this

Prayed for 3 times.

Melissa Van Soelen

Please pray for strwbgth and healing for a family in Wainfleet who lost their home due to a fire late last week. Two young boys were hospitalised for smoke inhalation and have recently been released, but one senior family member succumbed to injuries caused by the fire. A tragic loss for the family.

Received: February 15, 2023

I prayed for this

Prayed for 1 time.

Michelle Maecker

My amazing fiancé got a job offer and through this difficult decision, God provided in ways it was difficult to see. Praise to God for his glory!

Received: January 27, 2023

Jeckell, Wendy

Prayer Request - My house is on the market, with an Open House on Sunday!! Please pray that the house sells quickly and for the asking price or higher. God has a purpose and a plan! He leads and I will follow!

Also please pray that I find a home in Welland that is just as pretty as this one and for the perfect price. I love the house but need to be close to Welland!

Received: January 26, 2023

I prayed for this

Prayed for 1 time.


I am in desperate need of prayer for successful healing from surgery as well as for calming my fears and financial grace. I am going for surgery January 27, and I'm really nervous. And even though carpal tunnel surgery it is a common surgery, I still feel very anxious. I am self employed and everything I do requires the meticulous use of my hands. Being a single parent with a mortgage ,I was forced to pushed this surgery off for many years, however now I have absolutely no choice in the matter as I am loosing function of my hands, I can no longer ignore it , it has become unbearably painful. Sadly by pushing it off so long I may have caused permanent damage. So even though I cannot afford to do this financially I have absolutely no choice. Please pray that everything goes well. Thank you to all that will keep me in prayer, I am truly thankful for our prayer warriors .

Received: January 22, 2023

I prayed for this

Prayed for 1 time.


My Dad went in for emergency surgery last night for what they thought was a collapsed vertebrae pressing on his spine.

The MRI results just informed us it is a tumour, and quite possibly cancerous.

He's going in for a 2-3 operation today and the Doctors don't know what they'll find.

He survived a prostate scare last year.

Thank you so much anyone and everyone! ️‍

Received: January 15, 2023

I prayed for this

Prayed for 1 time.


For a friend of mine whose mom is passing. Help her and family find peace and help her cope with such a big loss

Received: January 6, 2023

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