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05 May An Open Letter From the Desk of Marc Brule

I will be taking a leave of absence for a couple of months. I have simply reached a point where I need significant rest and rejuvenation. It is wiser to make this choice before things deteriorate into being significantly unhealthy. Too many pastors push themselves beyond their limits and end up burned out, in moral failure or out of the ministry, sometimes at the cost of their marriage or family. I choose not to make that mistake. There is no moral failure attached to this decision and I want to continue to live my life in integrity.

Andrew Thompson will be functioning as Interim Pastor during this time. I have key people in my life working with me during this process. I ask that you respect the boundaries of letting those people be involved and giving me the needed privacy while working with them. I expect to return spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy.

I appreciate your prayers and ask that you continue to engage and support the community at WellSpring Community Church as you have to this point.


Marc Brule, Pastor