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11 Sep Now What? 1 & 2


Small groups play a vital role in our spiritual development because genuine personal growth happens in the context of real relationships. God has made us for community and connection!  Small groups at WellSpring provide environments where questions can be asked, support can be provided, friendships can be formed, and faith and character can grow.

We’re starting our next semester of Now What? 1 and Now What? 2 the week of September 20, 2015.  We hope you will join us! (Note: Now What? 1 is the pre-requisite for Now What? 2.)

You can click here to send us a note to let us know which group you would like to sign up for.

The groups are …

  • Now What? 1 – Thursdays (12 weeks starting Sept. 24)
  • Now What? 1 –  Saturdays (12 weeks starting Sept. 26)
  • Now What? 2 – Thursdays (8 weeks starting Oct. 8)
  • Now What? 2 – Tuesdays (8 weeks starting Oct. 13)

(Please note: Now What?1 classes are full, however there is a waitlist, so if you are interested in Now What? 1, please let us know.  If someone isn’t able to make it, we can let you know; or if enough people sign up, we can create another group.)

Click here for topics covered.