Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of church is this?

This is the most commonly asked question we receive. We actually have a running joke about how difficult it is to answer! The difficulty in answering the question lies in who’s asking it. Someone with a life-long religious background is looking for different information than someone who has rarely attended church.

We can describe the church in two ways: theologically (what we believe about God and the Bible), and culturally (what our approach to style and methods is).

Theologically: Our beliefs would align with most evangelical and pentecostal churches. The Apostles Creed would describe our position well. (Please note that catholic in the Apostles Creed means universal and not specifically the Roman Catholic Church.)

We believe the Bible is our standard for faith and practice, that God is real, eternal, all-powerful, all-knowing, all-present. We believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that by His sacrifice on the cross and resurrection He made a way for all that believe to be forgiven and receive eternal life.

You can read our What We Believe or our Statement of Faith for greater detail.

Culturally: This is where we are somewhat unique. We believe that Biblical principles are unchanging but that their application in life and culture change. The Psalms of the Bible kept the words but not the music, because music would change.

The What to Expect page on this site provides some information about our style and culture.

We believe that people are at different places in their spiritual journey and we make it our goal to acknowledge and make room for that process.

What denomination/organization are you a part of?

First, we are incorporated as a fully autonomous charitable organization recognized by the Canadian Federal Government. As such, we have a full constitution and bylaws for governance.

Second, we are members of the Canadian Fellowship of Churches and Ministers (CFCM), a Christian fellowship that has existed since the late 1960’s and is also registered with the Government of Canada.

Our pastoral staff are ordained and/or licensed ministers under CFCM and as such have an accountability structure and government registration through them.

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