Youth & Junior Youth

The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.

This is a common saying. And it’s true! It is vital that we enter into their world to help them develop godly values and character to equip them for the world of grown ups. Teenagers today face issues their parents didn’t face. In fact, today’s teenagers face issues some of their older siblings didn’t have to deal with. Yet we believe that God can provide what they need to not only survive the adolescent years, but to thrive in them.

Our weekly youth services are designed to be fun and exciting while at the same time imparting Biblical principles in a manner that teenagers can both understand and use in their day-to-day lives.

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Junior Youth

Grades 6-8

Age appropriate activities and discussions take place along with Biblical principles that Junior Youth can apply in everyday life.

Provided Sunday mornings from mid-service break to end of service.

Senior Youth

Grades 9-12

The Senior Youth enjoy activities but what they seem to love most is conversation. At this age, they are asking much deeper and potentially difficult questions about God, about life, and about their own experiences. It is important that they feel valued, loved and appreciated, which is a priority for us.

The Senior Youth meet on the last Sunday of the month from mid-service break to end of service.